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24 MARCH 2015 marks international right to truth (RTT) day. to commemorate RTT day in south africa, saha can announce that it has received never-before-released documents from the trc’s section 29 hearings. the transcripts of these in-camera hearings will soon be publiCly available THROUGH THIS WEBSITE AND SAHA's READING ROOM AT CONSTITUTION HILL.

For over a decade, much of SAHA’s  archival practice and information activism has been focused on making the work and records of, and surrounding, the South African TRC more readily accessible. It was in this context that SAHA, using PAIA, began requesting the release of records from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s in-camera (Section 29) hearings in 2003.

The hearings consisted of investigative enquiries held in-camera, and were comprised of individuals who were under oath to divulge the full extent of their knowledge of some of apartheid’s most heinous crimes. Given the nature of the content of these hearings, they were closed to the public and most of the information obtained has never been officially released (although much has been leaked to the public over the last 19 years). Hearings held under Section 29 included discussions of the death of Samora Machel; the Helderberg disaster; and the deaths of anti-apartheid activists such as Rick Turner and Griffiths Mxenge.

11 years of interrogation of the right to privacy, and the public’s right to truth, resulted in victory for SAHA’s arguments. South Africans should be reassured that some of Apartheid’s darkest secrets have finally found their way into the light; and because the records were released under PAIA, they are now publically accessible documents that will be available on this website over the coming weeks.


There’s a saying in South Africa that women hold the sharp end of the knife. ‘Manwana otshwara tipa kabogaleng.’ It is an elegant expression. It captures strength and resistance. It is also an image of brutality and oppression. As the Truth Commission attempts to piece together the past, women again grab again the sharp end. As South Africa celebrates Women's Day  on 9th August 2015, watch Episode 14 of Truth Comission: Special Report, which focuses on the torture methods used on women by the security forces.

Also watch episode 64 of Truth Commission Special Report, first broadcast on 7 September 1997, in which the treatment of women in detention was investigated.

You can read up about the TRC's Special Hearings for Women here.

Visit SAHA's poster gallery of images portraying women in the struggle for freedom here.







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