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Amnesty Hearings


Starting Date 25 November 1998


Day 3


Case Number AM 7075/97


ADV STEENKAMP: The next applicant is Mr Ndlovu. His application appears on page 83 of the bundle called Lusaka-A, page 83. Mr Simphiwe Godfrey Ndlovu.


CHAIRPERSON: Mr Ndlovu, won't you stand please? Give us your full names please?


CHAIRPERSON: Mr Mopedi, still you? Okay.

EXAMINATION BY MR MOPEDI: Thank you, Mr Chairman.

Mr Ndlovu, you are the applicant in this matter, is that correct?

MR NDLOVU: That's right.

MR MOPEDI: And you were also a member of the SDU, Thokoza?

MR MOPEDI: That is for Lusaka-A?

MR NDLOVU: That is right.

MR MOPEDI: And how old were you - first before I come to that question, when did you join the SDU?

MR NDLOVU: Early 1993.

MR MOPEDI: So you joined early 1993?

MR NDLOVU: That's right.

MR MOPEDI: I see in your claim form you say that you joined in 1990 up to May the 10th, 1994, could you explain the discrepancy?

MR NDLOVU: During the time when the application forms were being filled the person who was helping us with this did not have detailed information. So what he knows is that the amnesty will cover from 1990 until 1994. So that's the reason maybe why ...(indistinct) in 1990. But I personally started in SDU during 1993.

MR MOPEDI: You say you joined in 1993?

MR NDLOVU: That's correct. How did you join, were you forced to join?

MR NDLOVU: No, I was not forced.

MR MOPEDI: Who was your commander?

MR NDLOVU: Our commander was Mosa Msimango.

MR MOPEDI: Could you explain to this forum the role that you have played, the active role that you have played.

MR NDLOVU: Okay. Due to the reason that I was young and the codes of conduct stated very well that a person should be 18 in order to join the SDU, I was given my task to make sure that every time when the people who were over 18 which were regarded as the battalion, every time they launch an attack or every time ..(indistinct) they will defend I should go first and then I have to make sure that there are no police around that area.

To make sure of that I was given a hand radio which I will communicate with them. Then there were languages which we could communicate in. For instance, if there were police around I could send a signal that, ...(indistinct) for instance Umdagane Street and the signal it's negative, that they don't have to go through Umdagane Street, maybe they have to change to another street. And my role was that and to make sure that the guns are safely stored and to clean them. That was my role.

MR MOPEDI: So were you not actively involved in the fighting itself?

MR NDLOVU: No, I was involved ...(NO RECORDING)

MR MOPEDI: If I understand you properly, you never pulled a trigger?

MR NDLOVU: No, I never pulled a trigger.

MR MOPEDI: So why are you applying for amnesty?

MR NDLOVU: The reason why I'm applying for amnesty is because when I knew the guns, where they were stored, I never called the police. And when my friends were about to make an attack or to defend, I knew it but I never told the police. So regarding to these days maybe that should be regarded as distracting the law. So I couldn't help the police, so that is why I am applying for amnesty.

MR MOPEDI: Were you ever given a firearm for you to use?

MR NDLOVU: No, I was not given a firearm to use, maybe I will be given a firearm to store it or I'll be given a firearm to clean it.

MR MOPEDI: So you were not given a firearm because you were under the age of 18, is that what you are saying?

MR NDLOVU: That's correct.

MR MOPEDI: Were you not - did you at any stage take part in, say in a specific incident where an attack was being launched?

MR NDLOVU: No, I didn't.

MR MOPEDI: Thank you, Mr Chairman, no further questions.


CHAIRPERSON: Thank you, Mr Mopedi. Advocate Steenkamp, any questions?

ADV STEENKAMP: No questions, thank you, Mr Chairman.


CHAIRPERSON: I suppose there is no re-examination?

MR MOPEDI: No re-examination, Mr Chairman, thank you.

CHAIRPERSON: Mr Ndlovu, you are excused, thank you.


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