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Human Rights Violation Hearings


Starting Date 25 March 1997




ADV SANDI: Mjwenjwe Twenty Joyi? Is he not here?

Fanele Lungu? Nofuduka Eleanor Mamjoli Xhakana?

FANELE LUNGU: (sworn states)

CHAIRMAN: I would request you to put on your microphones because you are going to be asked questions in English. We will start with Mr Lungu.

MS CRICHTON: Thank you Mr Chairperson.

Mr Lungu can you hear me? You are here today to talk about your wife and about yourself. You are from Izekelo Bizana. Is that right?

MR LUNGU: Yes that is correct.

MS CRICHTON: And your family life was very sadly effected by your detention and that of your wife, Emily.


MS CRICHTON: Now you were arrested twice. Is that correct?

MR LUNGU: Yes, I was arrested twice.

MS CRICHTON: The first time you were arrested from your house. Is that correct? In Bizana.

MR LUNGU: Yes that is correct.

MS CRICHTON: And then in 1961 you were detained again for another three months.


MS CRICHTON: This affected you badly, physically it affected you. Can you explain to me what the effects were? What happened to you as a result of that time in detention?

MR LUNGU: Can you please repeat your question?

MS CRICHTON: You were physically injured while you were in detention. What were the results of those injuries?

MR LUNGU: It was very cold in the cells at that time. I was affected by that cold and my ear was also affected.

MS CRICHTON: And I believe your eye was also affected?

MR LUNGU: Yes, I am blind in my one eye.

MS CRICHTON: Your wife was arrested. For what reason?

MR LUNGU: She was arrested because she was a member of Congo.

MS CRICHTON: And what happened to her?

MR LUNGU: She was pregnant and she lost the baby, that was when they released her. That baby died inside.

MS CRICHTON: So she was released straight after that.

Mr Lungu you asked the Commission for assistance. Would you like to tell what it is you are requesting?

MR LUNGU: Anything the Commission will do for me, is fine with me. There is nothing specific I would like.

MS CRICHTON: Is there anything else you wish to say?

MR LUNGU: No thank you.

MS CRICHTON: Thank you Mr Lungu.

CHAIRMAN: Mr Lungu, I find out that you were detained and you were ill-treated while in detention and after that your wife was also detained and she was pregnant and she lost the baby. After that she died.

I want to know, when you made the statement to the Commission, did you make only one statement or two?

Because you have to make your statement because you were tortured while in detention and you have to make a second statement concerning the arrest of your wife and the death of the baby and the death of your wife.

If you have made one statement I would like you to make another statement concerning your wife, because these are two different matters. We cannot combine them in one statement. Can you understand me?

MR LUNGU: I made two statements and I stated in my statement that I was detained twice and I also mentioned that my wife was released because she lost the baby.

At the time of her release I was still in jail and the police came to tell me about this.

I did make two statements.

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