Human Rights Violation Hearing

Starting Date 19 November 1996
Location BISHO
Original File


MR POTGIETER: We will proceed to Doris Hlekani, and I will ask Ntsiki Sandi to assist her.


MR SANDI: Thank you Chairperson. Nomalisa Hlekani do you reside at Tyutyu Village at Bisho?

MS HLEKANI: No not Bisho, but ...(indistinct) King Williamstown.

MR SANDI: In your statement you said you were there when the people were shot at Bisho and today you are going to tell us about what you saw and what happened to you. I will hand over to you so that you tell the Commission about what happened to you.

MS HLEKANI: Yes I am one of the victims who were there. At the time I was 21 years old. I was doing standard 10. We left Victoria grounds for Bisho. Not far from Bisho just from the tar road to the gravel road I noticed that there was noise by I didn't know what was happening. I continued. There was an announcement that we should lie down because there was a shooting. I couldn't believe at the time but I could hear that something was happening.

MR SANDI: You said you were shot at while you were moving from the tar road to the gravel road that was going to the stadium?

MS HLEKANI: Yes I was walking on that gravel road, I was far away from the stadium, because my intention was to go to the gates of the stadium.

MR SANDI: While you were shot at were there any other people who were shot before you?

MS HLEKANI: No I couldn't see anybody. I only saw myself while I was shot at.

MR SANDI: You said you fell, and what happened thereafter?



MS HLEKANI: I couldn't move, I struggled. Two gentlemen came and took me to the ambulance. I was taken to the Grey Hospital. When I arrived there it was already full and we lay down. The ambulances from Frere Hospital came, I was taken to Frere Hospital again.

MR SANDI: Are there any injuries that you sustained, maybe in one of your body parts?

MS HLEKANI: Yes there is a lot. The bullet penetrated my back. I have a problem in my spinal cord. My right leg is paralysed. I have got a kidney problem where I have an artificial valve in my kidney. I will never survive without that artificial stand.

MR SANDI: I notice that you are using crutches, are those the results of the injuries?

MS HLEKANI: Yes. I have got only one leg now because the right one is not working.

MR SANDI: At the time you were shot at what standard were you doing at school?

MS HLEKANI: I was doing standard 10.

MR SANDI: Is there any problem that you encountered at school at the time?

MS HLEKANI: Yes. I couldn't sit for the exams in 1992 because I was kept in hospital until February 1993. I couldn't stand up, I was in bed for the whole year. In 1994 I went back to start with my standard 10. In May I had this kidney problem, I had to undergo another operation, that was a drawback in my life. When I came back in August I asked the principal for permission to write my exams. I tried but I didn't succeed. I tried in 1995 the supplementary exams. What I think about this, my classmates used to come and tell me I am somewhere else, I am at the college, and if I was



ready I was preparing for my exams at the time, I just become confused when I get such news from my friends.

MR SANDI: You said sometimes while reading a book you just think about this particular day and it disturbs you.

MS HLEKANI: Yes I just become confused and have all the visions of that particular day, and then after that I cannot go on.

MR SANDI: Is there any other manner that you were affected in your health?

MS HLEKANI: Yes. I cannot walk a long distance. Even if I am walking I must know that I am walking on a flat slope because I am suffering from a backache.

MR SANDI: Before you were shot at Bisho and sustained the injuries that you have told us about, what were your aims in life in your career, what were your aims academically?

MS HLEKANI: Because I am highly dependent on my father I told myself that when I pass standard 10 I am going to pursue nursing studies so that I will be able to get some allowance, and when I qualify I will try and further my studies at university level.

MR SANDI: In your condition now can you be able to pursue your studies?

MS HLEKANI: No I don't think so but I try because my parents advised me to go to the institution called Academy of Learning to do some computer studies so that if I happen to get a diploma I will be able to go back and finish my standard 10. Right now I am at the Academy of Learning.

MR SANDI: Did you ever consult the legal representatives that were helping the people?

MS HLEKANI: Yes I was. I went to Smith and Tabatha and van Heerden.



MR SANDI: What was the outcome?

MS HLEKANI: Everything was well in September on the 19th if I am not mistaken I received a cheque, the amount that I claimed, but they said the cheque delayed because I was supposed to get that claim December this year. But as attorneys they made another application so that I can get the interest of that amount.

MR SANDI: You got a certain amount of money that I wouldn't ask you to tell us about?

MS HLEKANI: Yes. I got the money that I claimed.

MR SANDI: Is that all that you would like to tell us?


MR SANDI: Thank you very much. Thank you Mr Chairperson.