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Black Cats

a gang of IFP-aligned vigilantes that conducted attacks on ANC members, principally in Wesselton and Ermelo, Eastern Transvaal, from 1990 to 1992. The gang, which received military training from Inkatha at the Mkuze camp in KwaZulu Natal in the early1990s, was supported by certain community councillors, Caprivi trainees and members of the SAP.

... in the incident. The following segment reports on the HRV Committee hearings held in Ermelo (22 May) and focuses on violent crimes committed by the Black Cats, a vigilante group formed to protect the community, but that subsequently received military training from the IFP and were infiltrated by ...
Vigilante groups: The Black Cats, Ermelo, Mpumalanga
The Black Cats were later taken for military training in Ulundi, where they joined the Inkatha Freedom Party.
You had the Three Million Gang in the Free State, which played a particular role, which was very destabilizing to organisations there. You had the Black Cats in Ermelo, which even from the hearings in Nelspruit last week, it was very clear you have someone saying ‘I was paid by the police to kill ...
‘When young lions became Black Cats, Report by Benedict Motau’ // Wesselton township, outside Ermelo, Mpumalanga. In the early 1990s the community was terrorized by a group of their own youngsters.
... The Truth Commission’s Human Rights Violations Committee sitting in Ermelo in Mpumalanga this week heard the story of one such group, the vicious Black ...
But the Black Cats was not a unique phenomenon. It formed part of a larger strategy.
... back with their private parts, to be used as muti. It’s then that for the first time the local police told us to stop calling these people the Black Cats, but to refer to them as members of the IFP. We were taken aback because at that stage we didn’t know that there was anything called IFP ...
Miss Mamane Mabuza, a resident of Wesselton township, lost her daughter Queen Mabuza, a matriculant at the time to the Black Cats gang who hacked her to death.
... became a problem to the communities they had to help protect, the story of the self defence units and the story of the vigilante group called the Black Cats. ...
At that time there was a gangster called the Black Cats. // And they said on that night we are going to shoot because we are not going to sleep.
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