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Caprivi trainees

A state-sponsored paramilitary unit set up to provide the IFP with a covert military capacity. The trainees were given paramilitary training by the SADF in the Caprivi Strip during 1986 and were later deployed in areas around KwaZulu-Natal against the political enemies of the state and Inkatha, namely the UDF and ANC and their allies.

... areas and farmers in a quest to reclaim ?stolen? land. The following segment examines the root of conflict in KwaZulu-Natal, especially the role Caprivi trainees played in the ongoing violence - evidence of which emerged during the Caprivi Group Hearings (held in Durban, 4 to 8 August) and ...
... during a memorial service for human rights lawyer Victoria Mxenge ? and the January 1987 KwaMakhutha massacre - implicating the SADF and IFP Caprivi trainees. A segment on the Amnesty Committee hearings held in Durban (12 to 14 August) focus on the killing of ANC members Samuel Msweli and ...
... a request by Chief Minister Buthelezi to train a covert unit which would be deployed against the UDF. After returning from their training in the Caprivi strip the men chose a target with the help of Inkatha’s MZ Khumalo. According to the evidence the target was Ernest Thusini. A number of ...
The Caprivi group received a warm welcome when they returned to South Africa. // … Called to meet the president of the IFP who arrived and accepted them and welcomed them very positively and was impressed and thanked them for coming back and also emphasized the fact that he was not comfortable ...
Gcina Mkhize was one of the young, angry Inkatha supporters who volunteered for training. He told the Commission the trainees were welcomed by white South African soldiers when they arrived at the secret Caprivi base after a clandestine flight.
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