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Church Street bombing, Pretoria

On 29 May 1983, MK members detonated an explosive device outside the administrative headquarters of the South African Air Force (SAAF) in Church Street, Pretoria. According to ANC policy, security force personnel and military installations were targeted in a systematic bombing campaign. Twenty-one people were killed and 219 injured in this attack. Eleven of the dead were SAAF employees. Two others were the MK operatives who had executed the attack. The remaining casualties were civilians. Evidence before the Committee revealed that up to 84 of the injured had been SAAF employees. Three MK members were granted amnesty for their roles in the event.

... opened fire on a Putco bus outside Durban, killing seven people. In Pretoria we hear testimonies from survivors of the Silverton bank siege and the Church Street bombing carried out by Umkhonto we Sizwe and also from the sister of Leon Meyer ? who was killed in the 1985 Maseru cross border raid ...
Church street, Pretoria 1983. Amanzimtoti, 1985. ANC bombs remind ordinary white South Africans there is war. // The bomb that caused the biggest emotional outcry exploded in Church Street, Pretoria, in the late afternoon of May 20. 1983. 19 People were killed and 219 injured. The ANC claimed ...
On Friday, the 20th of May 1983 a car bomb exploded in front of Air Force Headquarters in central Pretoria. It was a devastating blast. 19 People died and 40 were injured. The ANC claimed responsibility. Shortly before, they had warned the South African government to remove military installations ...
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