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Esikhawini attacks

Victims' statements refer particularly to two incidents at Esikhawini, KwaZulu, near Empangeni, Natal, in February and August 1992: On 16 February 1992 , IFP supporters returning in buses from a rally called by tribal chiefs in the area attacked three ANC-dominated hostels and 17 homes at Esikhawini, KwaZulu, near Empangeni, Natal. At least 12 people were killed and 22 injured in this attack. The ANC claimed that its supporters were attacked in full view of the SAP and KwaZulu Police (KZP) by impis bussed into the area for the meeting. On 2 August 1992 , men wearing balaclavas and armed with KZP pump-action shotguns carried out several attacks on homes in Esikhawini, KwaZulu, near Empangeni, Natal. At least 11 people were killed and three injured in the incident, which was thought to have been the work of the Esikhawini hit squad. The killings took place following a community march to the local KZP police station to protest against the conduct of members of the KZP.

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