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helicopter torture

a method of torture in which the victim was cuffed by the ankles and wrists and suspended upside down from a pole between two tables.

... able to, and it’s not too painful, could you describe some of that torture? What actually did they do to you? // There’s what they called the helicopter method of torturing. They suffocated me by pulling a mask over my face. With the helicopter method they put a stick behind your knees and ...
... of political prisoners was routine in South Africa’s prisons. We have heard the perpetrators of torture describe their methods: the wet bag, the helicopter, electric shocks. Sadistic attacks against the body. Yet the one form of torture described as the worst the world over is that of solitary ...
the methods used were already, to put it mildly, unconventional. Just about everything that became formalized and generalized, electric torture, the helicopter, sleep deprivation, standing on a brick, beatings, they were all there. By the time of Steve Biko we’re talking about number 46. So, all ...
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