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Nietverdiend ambush

In June 1986, a Security Branch agent purporting to be an MK operative recruited ten COSAS for military training. On 26 June 1986, he drove them into an ambush at Nietverdiend near the Botswana border. There they were injected with sedatives and placed in a motor vehicle that was then driven off an embankment. All ten were killed when the vehicle caught alight. Eight operatives from SADF Special Forces, Northern and Western Transvaal Security Branches were granted amnesty for the operation

Let’s move to Cape Town for the last evidence by the five policemen whose amnesty applications have served before the Truth Commission’s Amnesty Committee the last few weeks. Together, they killed at least 65 people in the name of the apartheid state. We’ll tell you about 21 of these murders ...
Brigadier Jack Cronje, former commander of the Northern Transvaal security branch calmly told the Amnesty Committee of yet another calculated and chilling execution in 1986. The victims, ten young men from Mamelodi who were poisoned and then blown up in a minibus. They were killed because they ...
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