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Rodora roadblock killings

Four people, including two children aged nine and 13, were killed by an AWB gang who set up a roadblock outside Ventersdorp, at the so-called 'Rodora crossing', on 12 December 1993, after being told by their Western Transvaal commander that the 'revolution' was to start that day. According to amnesty applicants, the victims were ordered out of their cars and told to sit on an embankment on the side of the road. They were then questioned as to their political affiliations and particularly asked whether they were members of the ANC. The applicants searched several cars for weapons and assaulted and later shot the occupants of two cars. They cut off an ear of one of the victims to show to their commander, who was not present at the time. Nine members of the AWB, who had been convicted for the killings and attempted killings, applied for amnesty. Amnesty was granted to only one applicant.

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