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Table Mountain bus attacks

A series of public vehicle ambushes in the Table Mountain area, near Pietermaritzburg, in early March 1993. On 2 March 1993 , masked men wearing army uniforms and armed with AK47 and .303 rifles opened fire on a vehicle carrying IFP supporters from Mboyi to school in Maqongqo in the Table Mountain area. Six pupils were killed and seven others injured. Three of the deceased were children of the local IFP chairman. Three ANC members from the area were arrested and charged. On 5 March 1993 , armed IFP supporters ambushed a taxi in the Table Mountain area, allegedly in retaliation for the killing of the six IFP-supporting pupils on 2 March 1993. On 8 March 1993 , armed IFP supporters ambushed a bus in Swayimane, Table Mountain area. The bus was taking 80 ANC supporters to attend the court appearance in Pietermaritzburg of three men implicated in the 5 March ambush in the same area. Three men and a woman were killed and at least 16 people injured in the attack on the bus.

... or Amaqabani territory from here down into the valley. And this is where the first attacks took place on the 28th of March 1990. This is Gezabuso and you’ll see on the hill opposite many of the houses that were destroyed are no more. Further across to the left you can’t see too well ...
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