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Toaster gang

a vigilante group active in Tembisa, Tvl. The gang consisted largely of former 'comrades' expelled from the ANC in Tembisa. Initially, the gang specialised in car hijackings. When the Tembisa community began to mobilise against it, the Toaster gang aligned itself with residents in the IFP-controlled Vusumuzi hostel. Gang members and hostel-dwellers played a significant role in political conflict in Tembisa in 1992 and 1993.

... friend of Eugene de Kock and Craig Williamson, Peter Casselton. Also included is a report on the attacks of IFP supporting hostel dwellers and the Toaster gang on the surrounding community of Tembisa during the 1980s and early 1990w, aided by the police especially during the negotiations period. ...
This hostel on the other side of town housed a gang called the Toasters. They were young IFP members who got out of hand. Their political and criminal activities included murder, rape, assault and robbery. The Toasters left a trail of destruction behind them. Their signature: burnt houses, property ...
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