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Trojan Horse incident, Cape Town

On 15 October 1985, members of the South African Railway Police hid in wooden crates on the back of a railway truck and opened fire on a crowd of protesters in Athlone, Cape Town, killing three youths and injuring several others. The operation was planned and implemented by a sub-structure of the regional Joint Management Centre. It was repeated in Crossroads, Cape Town, the following day, killing a further two youths.

... all die at the scene. Several others are wounded or arrested. This week was an emotional one for the families of the victims and survivors of the Trojan Horse tragedy. 12 years after the incident, they finally told their stories to the nation and again came face to face with the ...
But we start in Athlone outside Cape Town with the incident that became known as the Trojan Horse killings. Some 1200 years before the birth of Christ the Greeks waged war against the people of Troy. After ten years of war the Greeks had a brilliant plan, they ordered master carpenter Epeius to ...
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