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Wynberg Seven

Seven school students were arrested during student protests in Wynberg, Cape Town, in 1985 and were charged and convicted of public violence for which they served prison terms of one to two years. The highly publicised trial drew attention to the thousands of students and youth sentenced to prison terms for public violence, effectively criminalising protest activity.

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Another friend of mine, not a personal friend, but someone I met in prison, Mr Anwar Ismail from Cape Town who lives in Wynberg, I met Mr Ismail him and he comforted me and told me not to worry and that when he was out of prison he would contact my family in Worcester and he would bring my mother ...
Okay after I was acquitted or else after I was released, I took a decision with my lawyer - I got lawyers - it was David Daniels and Company - they were in Wynberg then. I claimed against the State but that case couldnít go further - I didnít succeed, which means I lost.
MS SOOKA: You mention in your statement that the case was heard in the Wynberg court. What was the final outcome of that case?
??/10/88 Government buildings: Magistrates Courts at Wynberg (Johannesburg), Bishop Lavis, and Stellenbosch Explosions at these three places cause no injuries
MR RILEY: I'm John Riley, I'm an attorney at Wynberg, I represent the victims, Alfred Johnson, Elizabeth Toya, Liesel Braaf, Bertie Simon, Edward Daniel Williamson and Renata Shenk.
MRS MOHLOMI: I don't know his address. His name is John Pahlale, he is working in the Wynberg police station.
It is possible that in of the under privileged areas that our control was not as affective as what it was in say Claremont and Wynberg - itís a relative concept.
... Bantu Board, we wanted the Divisional Council, we wanted to be under the Divisional Council, not under the Bantu Board and we even went as far as Wynberg to make this request that the Bantu Board must be gotten rid ...
... to find any weapon. You have killed my son, I donít know what it is that you want. They continued in and out, even when we went to inquest in Wynberg. Nobody spoke Xhosa or English, they only spoke Afrikaans and nobody was there to interpret for us. We didnít know what was going on. ...
... detained on the following case docket. Cape Town, CR605/88, Sea Point, CR160/88, Bishop Lavis all regarding limpet mine explosions in Cape Town, Wynberg CR162/01/89 regarding the unlawful possession of ...
MRS GRANT: I really don't know if ever people used to report. But with me I have reported the case to that Wynberg. Now I don't even remember that sergeant who took my case, I have lost even that docket number.
... to attend the burial services. Thus, their bereavement was turned into self tormenting feelings of guilt. I can give you the example of Violet Wynberg when she lost her son, Mark, when she was still serving sentence. Her daughter broke the news to both her imprisoned parents, Elly and ...
... us there and I cannot remember what happened after that. Two or three years later, the case came to the fore again. (?) appeared in the court in Wynberg. Then they questioned Mrs Ryklief and myself. Sometimes you understand and other times you also don't understand, even the Afrikaans, one ...
... but inserted into the story, under your by line, is the sentence other incidents were announced yesterday in Cape Town, a man was blown up in Wynberg, limpet bomb found next to his body. Another limpet mine exploded in suburban railway line near Cape Town. Three days ago in Natal a man ...
MR LOLLAN: I have here a photograph of him, that's him. That photograph was taken by Ele Wynberg, many years ago.
I then received a summons from Wynberg a few weeks after my daughter had been buried. I was called into a small court with white men and women. There were police as well, white and black. There were quite a lot of people in the room.
There is a person that was killed by a bomb in Wynberg. I think it was a vagrant, initially you suspected that it was a terrorist and that was the news, only to find out that it was a vagrant later. Why was I taken there amongst those corpses?
... post at his last known address which was care of the SAPS, Onluste-eenheid 10, Maitland. That was the address given to me by the prosecutor of the Wynberg Magistrate's Court - Regional Court, rather. Mr Xegetwane, we had great difficulty in tracing the man, but I understand from my colleague ...
The people were there, by the - the police were - two policeman were there by the time - the time they were in the Court at Wynberg, Magistrate Court, was Mr Kenneth du Plessis, and Sidwell Tembile Mayongo, they were both policemen at Khayelitsha.
Which was held in Wynberg, the court.
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