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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 1, Chapter 10

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Amnesty Committee - Introduction and, Constitution and administrative component 2671 to 8 Read
Subsection 2Administrative procedures2699 to 15 Read
Subsection 3Flow chart of amnesty process27116 Read
Subsection 4Notes on the flow chart27217 to 22 Read
Subsection 5Notes on the flow chart continued 27423 to 29 Read
Subsection 6Statistical information 276Listing Read
Subsection 7Human Rights Violations Committee - Introduction and membership 2771 to 4 Read
Subsection 8Modus operandi 2785 to 13 Read
Subsection 9Modus operandi continued 28014 to 16 Read
Subsection 10The policy framework 28217 to 27 Read
Subsection 11Reparations and Rehabilitation Committee - Functions, Staff and Method of work 2851 to 6Read
Subsection 12Outreach and networking activities2877 to 16 Read
Subsection 13Establishing appropriate psychosocial support programmes (witness support)28917 to 26 Read
Subsection 14Information management, A research component and, the role of R&R committee in other commission activities 29127 to 33 Read
Broadcasting for Total Citizen Empowerment
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