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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 1, Chapter 11

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1CEO's Report301Read
Subsection 2Balance sheet303Diagram Read
Subsection 3Notes to the financial statements 3041.1 to 3Read
Subsection 4The financial statement - fixed assets 305Diagram Read
Subsection 1CEO's Report: for the year ending 31 March 1997308Read
Subsection 2Balance sheet - 31 March 1997310Diagram Read
Subsection 3Income statement - 31 March 1997311Diagram Read
Subsection 4Cash flow statement - 31 March 1997312Diagram Read
Subsection 5Notes to the financial statements - 31 March 1997 3131.1 to 2.3Read
Subsection 6Notes to the financial statement scan314DiagramRead
Subsection 7Notes to the finacial statements scan 315Diagram Read
Subsection 8Notes to the financial statements scan 316Diagram Read
Donations received by the TRC commission up to May 1997317Listing Read
Subsection 1Management and operational reports2941 to 11Read
Subsection 2Operations / Expenditure 29612 to 24 Read
Subsection 3Expenditure continued 29725 to 32 Read
Subsection 4Expenditure continued 29933 to 42Read
Subsection 1Management and operational reports: Human Resources Department 3191 to 15Read
Subsection 2Information management 3221 to 7Read
Subsection 3The database 3238 to 17 Read
Subsection 4Investigation unit3261 to 13Read
Subsection 5Functions and responsibilities32914 to 27Read
Subsection 6Developing processes and phases of work 33128 to 40Read
Subsection 7Processes and phases of work continued 33341 to 52 Read
Subsection 8processes and phases of work continued 33653 to 57 Read
Subsection 9processes and phases of work continued 33758 to 70 Read
Subsection 10Structures in the investigation unit / Links with other structures 33971 to 85 Read
Subsection 11Links with other structures continued 34286 to 96 Read
Subsection 12Legal department: Introduction / Staffing3441 to 2Read
Subsection 13Legal matters defended by the commission 3453 to 8Read
Subsection 14Cases brought by the commission 3479 to 13Read
Subsection 15Legal Aid Board (LAB) / Legal assistance/ LAB-related cases / Legal documentation and contracts 34814 to 21Read
Subsection 16Conclusion 35022 to 26 Read
Subsection 17Media and Communications department : Introduction3521 to 5Read
Subsection 18Media Liaison 3536 to 13 Read
Subsection 19Media Coverage 35614 to 23 Read
Subsection 20Communications35824 to 40 Read
Subsection 21Structures and staffing36141 to 50Read
Subsection 22Mental health unit: Introduction / Support for witnesses at hearings3641 to 10Read
Subsection 23Making statements / The experiences of families36611 to 19Read
Subsection 24Amnesty applicants36820 to 29 Read
Subsection 25Conclusion 37030 to 38 Read
Subsection 26Records management department / Research department 3721 to 7/ 1 to 2Read
Subsection 27Research themes3743 to 10 Read
Subsection 28Corroboration 37611 to 21 Read
Subsection 29The report38022 to 32Read
Subsection 30Safety and security / Setting up3821 to 11Read
Subsection 31Structures 38312 to 19 Read
Subsection 32Procedures38520 to 25 Read
Subsection 33Witness protection programme3871 to 9Read
Subsection 34Staffing38910 to 22Read
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