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TRC Final Report

Page Number (Original) 408

Paragraph Numbers 30 to 32

Volume 2

Chapter 5

Subsection 5

Responsibility for gross violations of human rights

30 The table below indicates the percentage of types of gross violations which were reported to the Commission for this period (1960-75):

Abduction Killing Severe ill treatment Torture Total
Homeland Non-homeland 1% 2% 10% 14% 64% 46% 24% 39% 100% 100%

31 The table indicates that severe ill treatment and torture are the main violation types for this period and that there is a greater use of torture in non-homeland regions and a greater incidence of severe ill treatment in the homelands.

32 Figure 152 shows that the greatest number of homeland violations for this period occurred in Transkei. This reflects the large number of cases brought to the Commission stemming from the Pondoland Revolt. Figure 159 shows that the dominant perpetrator group for this period is the SAP. Again, this reflects the Pondoland Revolt cases, where the main violations reported to the Commission were detention, torture in detention and killings by police.

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