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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 3, Chapter 3

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Overview of the region 1551 to 9 Read
Subsection 2Overview of violations 15710 to 12 Read
Subsection 3Victim categories 15813 to 15 Read
Subsection 4Perpetrator groups 16016 to 19 Read
Subsection 5Where did the violations occur? 16120 to 26 Read
Subsection 61960–1975: Historical overview of the period 16327 to 39 Read
Subsection 7Overview of violations / State and allied groupings - Torture in custody 16740 to 49 Read
Subsection 8Resistance and revolutionary groupings: Sabotage / Attacks on ‘collaborators’ 17050 to 55Read
Subsection 91976–1982: Historical overview of the period 17256 to 72 Read
Subsection 10Overview of violations 17673 to 77 Read
Subsection 11State and allied groupings: Torture in custody 17778 to 79 Read
Subsection 12Deaths in custody 17880 Read
Subsection 13Covert Security Branch activity 18081 to 84 Read
Subsection 141983–1989: Historical overview of the period 18585 to 102 Read
Subsection 15Overview of violations 190103 to 107 Read
Subsection 16State and allied groupings - Detentions and harassment 191108 to 117 Read
Subsection 17Deaths in custody 193118 to 129 Read
Subsection 18Deaths in custody continued 196130 to 135Read
Subsection 19The Trust Feed Massacre 198135Read
Subsection 20Covert Security Branch activities 202136 Read
Subsection 21The killing of Dion Cele 205136Read
Subsection 22Contra-mobilisation 207137 to 145 Read
Subsection 23The Killing of Philemon Khanyile /The Killing of the Mdluli Family210146 to 161Read
Subsection 24The Case of Belinda and Simon Mfeka, and others215162 to 169 Read
Subsection 25The Case of the Mkhize Family 218170 to 181Read
Subsection 26Covert Security Branch activities continued 221182 Read
Subsection 27Covert Security Branch activities continued: The Summertime House Attack 223183 to 189 Read
Subsection 28Covert Security Branch activities continued - The case of Aubrey Nyembezi, and many others 226190 to 191Read
Subsection 29Resistance and revolutionary groupings - Sabotage and bombings 229192 to 193 Read
Subsection 30Attacks on ‘collaborators’ /Escalation of conflict /The killing of Victoria Mxenge and its aftermath 231194 to 196Read
Subsection 31Zulu/Pondo conflict / Destruction of the Gandhi settlement, Phoenix 234197 to 206 Read
Subsection 32Clashes in the workplace 237207 to 208 Read
Subsection 33The Midlands war 239209 to 215 Read
Subsection 341990–1994: Historical overview 243216 to 225Read
Subsection 35Historical overview continued 246226 to 236Read
Subsection 36Overview of violations 1990 – May 1994 248237 to 238 Read
Subsection 37Police misconduct - Riot Unit Activities / SAP Murder and Robbery Unit / KZP 249239 to 255Read
Subsection 38Police misconduct - Riot Unit Activities / SAP Murder and Robbery Unit / KZP continued 254256 to 259 Read
Subsection 39Security Branch activities 257260 Read
Subsection 40Civil conflict: Violence stemming from the unbanning of the ANC / The Seven Day War 258261 to 272 Read
Subsection 41Civil conflict continued 261273 to 281 Read
Subsection 42Civil conflict continued 264282 to 291 Read
Subsection 43Civil conflict continued 267292Read
Subsection 44Hit-squad activity 269293 to 302Read
Subsection 45Hit-squad activity continued 272303Read
Subsection 46Hit-squad activity continued 274304 to 308 Read
Subsection 47Hit-squad activity continued 277308Read
Subsection 48Hit-squad activity continued 278308 Read
Subsection 49Assassinations: IFP 400 list / Individual assassinations 279309 to 313 Read
Subsection 50Individual assassinations conitnued 282313 Read
Subsection 51Hostel violence 285314 to 327 Read
Subsection 52Clashes in the workplace /Party strongholds/‘no-go zones’ 289328 to 343Read
Subsection 53Clashes in the workplace /Party strongholds/‘no-go zones’ continued 293344 to 356 Read
Subsection 54Clashes in the workplace /Party strongholds/‘no-go zones’ continued 295357 to 364 Read
Subsection 55Self-defence units (SDUs) 298365 to 377Read
Subsection 56SDU's continued 301378 to 380 Read
Subsection 57Self-protection units (SPUs) 303381 to 390 Read
Subsection 58Forced recruitment / Internal party conflict 307391 to 395 Read
Subsection 59Revenge attacks / Arson/burnings /Commuter attacks 310396 to 401 Read
Subsection 60Children 312402 to 408 Read
Subsection 61Women315409 to 423Read
Subsection 62Killing of witnesses / Pre-election violence 318424 to 438 Read
Subsection 63Civilian right wing / Resistance and revolutionary groupings: PAC/APLA 321439 to 447Read
Subsection 64Nature of violations 3241 to 6Read
Subsection 65Victim organisations 3257 to 12Read
Subsection 66Perpetrator organisations 32613 to 22Read
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