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TRC Final Report

Page Number (Original) 18

Volume 5

Chapter 1

Subsection 8

Torture by beating BEATING Tortured by being beaten severely or for a long time (for example, hit, kicked, punched), specifying part of body assaulted (for example, feet, face, head, genitals, breasts) and object used in the beating (for example, sjambok, baton, gun, rifle, stick, rope, whip, plank, beat against wall, or if the victim is pregnant or miscarries.)
Torture by burning BURNING Burnt with cigarettes, or fire, for example.
Torture with poison,drugs or chemicals CHEMICALS Tortured with poison, drugs, or household substance, such as bleach or drain cleaner.
Torture by deprivation DEPRIVE Tortured by withholding essentials, such as food, or medical attention where there is serious injury or need. (See associated violations for general lack of medical care while in custody).
Electric shock torture ELECTRIC Electric shocks administered to the body, specifying which body part was shocked (for example, genitals, breasts, fingers, toes, ears, etc.)
Torture by exposure to extremes EXPOSURE Tortured by subjecting victim to extremes such as heat, cold, weather, exercise, labour, noise, darkness, light (including flashing lights, blinding by light), blindfolding, confinement to small space, smells, immobilisation.
Psychological or mental torture MENTAL Tortured psychologically, mentally or emotionally, for example by simulated execution (includes Russian roulette), solitary confinement, degradation (includes use of excrement, urine, spit), insults, disinformation (for example, telling the person that a loved one is dead), threats, witnessing torture, forced participation in torture, exposure when washing or on toilet, threat of torture.
Torture by bodily mutilation MUTILATION Torture involving injuries to the body where parts of the body are partly or wholly cut, severed or broken, specifying body part, for example, genitals, finger nails, ears, hair, etc. It includes amputation of body parts, breaking of bones, pulling out nails, hair or teeth, scalping.
Other type of torture OTHER All other methods of torture, including use of animals (for example, snake, tortoise, baboon), use of vehicle.
Torture by forced posture POSTURE Tortured by forcing the body into painful positions, for example, suspension, ‘helicopter’, tied up, handcuffed, stretching of body parts, prolonged standing, standing on bricks, uncomfortable position (includes squatting, ‘imaginary chair’, standing on one leg, pebbles in shoes), forced exercise, forced labour, blindfolding and gagging.
Torture by sexual assault abuse SEXUAL Torture using the victim’s gender or genitals as a weak point. (See elsewhere for electric or shock, mutilation or beating.) It includes: slamming genitals or breasts in drawer or other device, suspension of weights on genitals, squeezing genitals or breasts, rape by opposite sex, rape by same sex, gang rape, forced sexual acts (e.g. oral sex, simulating intercourse), introduction of objects into vagina or rectum, sexual abuse using animals, threats of rape, touching, nakedness, sexual comments or insults, sexual enticement, deprivation of sanitary facilities for menstruation.
Torture by suffocation SUFFOCATE Torture by stopping a victim from breathing, for example by bag, towel, tube (wet or dry) over head, drowning (head, whole body submerged), choking, strangling, stifling, throttling, teargassing, burying alive.
Unknown type of torture UNKNOWN Tortured by an unknown method.
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