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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 6, Section 3, Chapter 1

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Introduction / Statistical overview 1811 to 11Read
Subsection 2Factors impeding and encouraging applications 18312 to 23Read
Subsection 3Violations by category 18624 to 28 Read
Subsection 4Violations by category continued 18829 to 35 Read
Subsection 5Types of violations (Most common categories) 18936 to 49 Read
Subsection 6Extrajudicial killings19250 to 60 Read
Subsection 7Extrajudicial killings continued 19561 to 73 Read
Subsection 8Extrajudicial killings continued 19774 to 80 Read
Subsection 9Extrajudicial killings continued 19981 to 91 Read
Subsection 10Extrajudicial killings continued 20192 to 104 Read
Subsection 11Extrajudicial killings continued 203105 to 115 Read
Subsection 12Extrajudicial killings continued 206116 to 122Read
Subsection 13Extrajudicial killings continued 209123 to 134 Read
Subsection 14Joint operations of the security branch and special forces: Examples of cases where special forces did not apply for amnesty 212135 to 144 Read
Subsection 15Examples of cases where special forces did not apply for amnesty continued 214145 to 154 Read
Subsection 16Key Security Forces units involved in gross human rights violations: Security Branch Headquarters216155 to 166Read
Subsection 17Security Branch Headquarters continued 219167 to 179 Read
Subsection 18Security Branch Headquarters continued 222180 to 193 Read
Subsection 19Security Branch Headquarters continued 224194 to 208Read
Subsection 20Security Branch Headquarters continued 227209 to 220Read
Subsection 21Security Branch Headquarters continued 229221 to 237Read
Subsection 22Security Branch Headquarters continued 232238 to 250 Read
Subsection 23Security Branch Headquarters continued 234251 to 266Read
Subsection 24Security Branch Headquarters continued 238267 to 277Read
Subsection 25Security Branch Headquarters continued 240278 to 291 Read
Subsection 26Security Branch Headquarters continued 243292 to 298 Read
Subsection 27Directorate of covert collections-linked applications 245299 to 307Read
Subsection 28Accountability, discipline and the role of leadership: Accountability247308 to 321 Read
Subsection 29Authorisation of unlawful activities 251322 to 332Read
Subsection 30Authorisation of unlawful activities continued 254333 to 344Read
Subsection 31Authorisation of unlawful activities continued 257345 to 356 Read
Subsection 32Authorisation of unlawful activities continued 259357 to 366Read
Subsection 33Authorisation of unlawful activities continued 261367 to 377Read
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