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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 6, Section 3, Chapter 4

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Summary of and analysis of amnesty applications: Overview 3751 to 9Read
Subsection 2Factors encouraging or impeding applications / Analysis of amnesty applications 37710 to 16 Read
Subsection 3PAC ranks at home / Armed robberies committed by APLA37817 to 28 Read
Subsection 4Attack on Giovanni Francescato /Attack on a vegetable shop in Randfontein 38029 to 42 Read
Subsection 5Attack on a PEP Store at Botshabelo / Attack on the Sentra Hyperserve supermarket at Wesselsbron 38343 to 54 Read
Subsection 6Robbery at UNITRA / APLA attacks on security forces / The ‘Lichtenburg Battle’ 38555 to 64 Read
Subsection 7Ambush on a police vehicle at Diepkloof / Yeoville police station attack / Khayelitsha railway station attack 38765 to 75 Read
Subsection 8The story of Andile Shiceka / Attacks on the Cape Flats / The story of Walter Falibango Thanda / The story of Gcinikhaya Makoma 38976 to 88Read
Subsection 9Attacks on civilians / The King William’s Town Golf Club attack 39089 to 98 Read
Subsection 10Attack on the Steaks Restaurant in Claremont / Attack on Yellowwoods Hotel, Fort Beaufort 39399 to 111Read
Subsection 11Attack on St James’ Church, Kenilworth 395112 to 125 Read
Subsection 12Attack on Riverside Lodge, Ladybrand 399126 to 132Read
Subsection 13Heidelberg Tavern attack 401133 to 143 Read
Subsection 14Heidelberg Tavern attack continued 404144 to 156 Read
Subsection 15The Crazy Beat Disco attack 408157 to 167 Read
Subsection 16The killing of Amy Biehl 411168 to 181 Read
Subsection 17Armed ambushes / Attack on a Translux bus, Beaufort West / Eikenhof attack 415182 to 201 Read
Subsection 18Attacks on farms / Attack on Mr RJ Fourie on the farm ‘Stormberg’ / The killing of Mr John Bernard Smith 418202 to 218 Read
Subsection 19Various attacks in Ficksburg 422219 to 229 Read
Subsection 20Sabotage / Limpet mine explosion in Durban / Procurement and possession of arms and ammunition 425230 to 243 Read
Subsection 21Other matters / PAC/ANC conflict 427244 to Read
Subsection 22Applications refused: Absence of political motivation /Failure to prove political motive 429254 to 267 Read
Subsection 23Lack of full disclosure / Attack on Sophia and Gabriel Rossouw /Failure to declare specific acts 431268 to 278 Read
Subsection 24Command structures 433279 to 283 Read
Subsection 25Command structures continued 434284 to 293 Read
Subsection 26Motives and perspectives437294 to 304Read
Subsection 27Conclusion439305 to 311Read
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