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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 6, Section 5, Chapter 5

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Findings / Finding on Poqo7021 to 17Read
Subsection 2Finding on PAC 'internal' violations 70518 to 24 Read
Subsection 3Violations against PAC members at home / Findings on gross human rights violations committed by PAC/APLA during its armed struggle70625 to 33Read
Subsection 4Submission made by the PAC in response to the findings made by the commission / PAC comments during parliamentary debate70834 to 47Read
Subsection 5Findings: Police officers as ‘legitimate’ targets 71148 to 61 Read
Subsection 6Findings: Traditional leaders as ‘legitimate’ targets / Civilians and farmers as ‘legitimate’ targets 71462 to 72 Read
Subsection 7Findings: Attacks on civilians / Farmers as ‘legitimate’ targets /Specific amnesty applications dealing with attacks on white farmers / PAC/ANC conflict 71573 to 86 Read
Subsection 8Findings: Applications refused / Difficulties experienced by PAC applicants / Conclusion 71887 to 92 Read
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