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Special Report Transcript Episode 1, Section 2, Time 07:28

What happened there was we went to Port Elizabeth security police, we were briefed by the security police of Port Elizabeth to a certain extent that a certain Botha was phoned by the Pebco Three and they wanted some financial help from him. And this Botha reassured them that he will contact his British contact, a certain Mr. Charlson, if I recall well, who will back them up with finance. And the Security forces have bugged their telephone and they intercepted that message and one of the security forces, an English speaking guy, after some few days, he phoned them back … he phoned the Pebco Three … and he pretended to be Mr. Charlson. And he told them that he was at the H. F. Verwoerd airport and he cannot go to the township, he does not know how to go there, he will get lost. And this people told him, assured him that they will come and pick him up at the airport. But I’m telling you that was a clear, clear, clear operation, because, a professional operation, because from Sipho Hashe’s home, when he left his home we knew what was going on and when he picked up Golela we knew that they picked up Golela and when he went to pick up Godolozi, we knew. He started with Godolozi first, and they went for Champion Golela. So, we knew all that; and as they were driving towards the airport we had a running commenter about their movement and as they drove into the entrance of the airport itself, it was as if we’re watching television the commenter was so good. And, they were well observed, and we so this yellow Hilux, Toyota Hilux bakkie, an old model, and as he stops two chaps climbed off, a hefty guy and a short guy, light in complexion the short guy, the tall one was dark in complexion with long hair. And the old man drove away to look for parking, and we jumped out of our minibus, a blue one with tinted windows, and we grabbed this two quickly, and we pushed them into the kombi and the other security forces had their guns over them, they could not make a move. And by the time the third guy, Sipho Hashe, did not notice what was happening, because the action was so fast, it was lightning fast, it was carried out with military precision. And, we went to him, by the time he was finished parking the car, he tried to climb off we were already there and we identified ourselves as policemen and then he was taken to the kombi also. I was given instructions by a Colonel Venter, at that stage, that I must drive this people’s car and follow a certain white Mazda car, and I did as I was told.

Notes: Joe Mamasela

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