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Special Report Transcript Episode 1, Section 7, Time 29:31

Karl Weber had stopped off for a drink at the Highgate Hotel in East London on the first of May 1991. A man with a balaclava stormed into the room and opened fire with an AK47. Five people were killed and many injured. Weber lost his left arm and most use of his right arm. // My life was changed overnight, being a disabled person. It’s taken some time. One has to sort of accept … I have accepted it and I have to carry on with the daily routine of my life. It is not something that will be forgotten about and I think justice should be done. // But Webber still has faith in the Truth Commission. // I think this is the start of something new. I’ve got a lot of faith in it and some other people haven’t, and I think it’s a start of something new, it’s a beginning of something.

Notes: Highgate Hotel Bar; Weber hospitalized; TRC Testimony: Karl Weber; Weber outside City Hall questioned by news reporters

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