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Special Report Transcript Episode 1, Section 7, Time 30:37

On November 8, 1992 the King William’s Town golf club was attacked by four APLA guerrillas. Beth Savage was seriously injured and psychologically damaged, yet she believes the Truth Commission can facilitate the healing process in South Africa. // I would like to meet that man that threw the grenade in an attitude of forgiveness and hope that he could forgive me too, or for whatever reason. I would very much like to meet them. // In the same incident Bob Stanford was seriously wounded and had to undergo eight operations. He was also admitted to a mental institution and later barred from practicing as a lawyer. // I think that any amnesty application have to be given on their merits obviously. I’m not really a person to voice an opinion in this regard, but I wouldn’t object to them seeking amnesty, in the same way I wouldn’t object to people like Malan seeking amnesty now. I think they’re more or less on both sides of a boiling point and it boiled over and now thank goodness it’s back to normal. // Do you perhaps have any views to express on the issue of reconciliation? // Well I think reconciliation is taking place right now it seems to me in the broader sense, in the narrow sense there are prosecutions pending and taking place I understand on and for both sides that is a matter of law. It’s not for us to interfere with that. But I think that reconciliation is essential if the country is to succeed at all and I think it is vital that it becomes part and parcel of everyone’s life.

Notes: King William’s Town Golf Club; TRC testimony: Beth Savage; TRC testimony: Bob Stanford; Commissioner; Stanford

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