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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 1 of Episode 10

00:14For three months the little people, the ordinary citizens, have been showing their pain in public. It seemed for a while as if the Truth Commission was little more than group therapy for victims. It is becoming a new ball game now. Cynicism and mockery are making way for a realisation that the Truth Commission might be the only option for those with blood on their hands. Dozens of security policemen are now running to lawyers to ask about amnesty. And this week, a former security police general submitted a weighty document to the Commission to try and convince South Africans that the liberation movements were also evil. We give General Herman Stadler an opportunity to speak at the end of the programme. // Bophuthatswana, March 1994, the dishonourable death of these three AWB militiamen along a dusty Mafikeng road signifies the demise of militant white supremacy. The former Bophuthatswana was where the Truth Commission’s Human Rights Violations Committee had its hearings this week ...moreFull Transcript
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