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Special Report Transcript Episode 10, Section 2, Time 02:03

Attorney-General Tim McNally was first appointed to investigate the death squad revelations. He found no substance in the allegations. After state president FW de Klerk received the McNally report the Harms Commission of inquiry was appointed. Coetzee testified before the Commission in South Africa house in London. // ‘Coetzee het getuig voor die kommissie dat hy van Brigadier Van der Hofen - Johannes van der Hofen - wat die veiligheidshoof was in die Durban gebied, opdrag gekry het om Mxenge te laat vermoor. Dit moes glo na ‘n rooftog lyk en daarom moes hy nie geskiet word nie.’ [Coetzee testified to the Commission that he received orders from Brigadier Van der Hofen - Johannes van der Hofen - the head of security in the Durban region, to have Mxenge killed. It had to look like a robbery and so Mxenge was not to be shot.]

Notes: Tim McNally; Harms Commission; News reporter, TV News 10 April 1990

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