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Special Report Transcript Episode 10, Section 2, Time 02:38

McNally was appointed to lead evidence at the Harms Commission. Louis Harms also found that Coetzee had lied and was mentally unstable. Despite the fact that two of Coetzee’s death squad members David Tshikalanga and Albert Nofemela also admitted their complicity in the murder of Mxenge, nobody was ever charged or apprehended. // McNally decided not to prosecute me because he didn’t feel like it. He was part of the cover up from the Justice Department to assist the very security police and the then government to cover up. There’s no other explanation for it.

Notes: David Tshikalanga and Albert Nofemela; Albert Nofemela’s affidavit; Dirk Coetzee

References: there are no references for this transcript

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