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Special Report Transcript Episode 10, Section 3, Time 21:20

No dictatorship ever lasts. The fall of Lucas Mangope and his Bantustan were inevitable. But it had an unexpected by-product, the image of fierce Afrikaner warriors in khaki were shuttered forever.

Notes: Max du Preez

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TRC Final Report Glossary
■ THE HOMELANDS: TRANSITION AND INCORPORATION Historical and Political Overview 138 The effects of the watershed in South African politics following the February 1990 unbannings was also felt in the homelands. Throughout the years of CODESA I and II, as well as the multi-party talks at the ...
The ultra-right 274 On the ultra-right front, a succession of extremist and militant groups, as well as some non-militant groups, emerged. Some constituted ‘armed wings’ of the more recognised conservative groups, like the AWB’s Ystergarde (Iron Guard) and Wenkommandos (paramilitary wing), ...
Pre-Election Bombings 366 A number of people were killed on 24 and 25 April 1994, when eleven members of an AWB cell went on a bombing spree of targets, mainly (black) taxi ranks. The eleven were part of a group of twenty-six found guilty on ninety-six counts of pre-election bombings, murder, ...
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