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Special Report Transcript Episode 10, Section 3, Time 21:34

In the first months of 1994 the spirit of freedom spread like wild fire throughout South Africa. The only real resistance came from the last remaining Bantustan, Bophuthatswana. The ANC was not allowed to operate freely. Lucas Mangope was still in charge. But by March, a few weeks before South Africa’s first real elections, Bophuthatswana was also engulfed by popular resistance. // ‘We want to celebrate our new South Africa’ // The crisis reached a critical point on March 10, Mangope asked the retired head of the Defence Force, Gen Constand Viljoen, to help and hundreds of farmers and commando members rushed to Mmabatho. But in Ventersdorp the leader of the ‘Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging,’ Eugene Terreblanche, volunteered his services and hundreds of khaki clad AWB supporters drove into Bop. The armed forces of the homeland refused to accept the help of the AWB. Terreblanche and his men were told by Mangope’s government ministers and generals to leave the country. And Viljoen added his voice to theirs. The AWB started their retreat, but not before they created havoc.

Notes: Popular resistance in Bophuthatswana; AWB arrive in Bop

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