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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 4 of Episode 10

29:16For many years Herman Stadler was seen as the security police’s chief theoretician, almost intellectual. Nobody knew the enemy better than him. This week he presented the Truth Commission with a few kilograms of documentation and explanation on behalf of an organisation called the Foundation for Equality Before the Law. Full Transcript
29:35Let’s face facts, the ANC as far as [inaudible] was concerned, they were at war with the South African government or whatever you like to call it: conflict. The fact is the whole basis was a war like situation. And all of a sudden the police was faced with this situation and they had to accommodate because they have to protect people, they have to protect lives. And you look at the acts of terrorism: car bombs, motor car bombs, necklace murders. The police had to protect people and as you know that there was a lot of questions asked, a thin blue line, can the police cope? And, during that period a lot of mistakes were made, certainly. // I certainly don’t think anybody disputes that the police played that role, but the question people ask at the Truth Commission for the last few months is, nobody is criticizing the police force for protecting or even detaining without trial because that was the law at the time … // That’s right yes. // But we have evidence of kidnapping, of ...moreFull Transcript and References
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