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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 2 of Episode 12

01:09Winnie Madikizela Mandela was first mentioned at Truth Commission hearings in May by the mother of child activist Stompie Seipei. Stompie was abducted and tortured by Mandela’s notorious Mandela Football Club and in the end murdered. In Gauteng this week, parents of two Soweto youngsters named Madikizela Mandela again in connection with the disappearance of their children. // It happens that my son be one of the activists, with other young men in Soweto, who were highly involved with Mrs. Mandela. So, the story in 1998, around about ten to eight in the evening, it was on a Sunday, when I came back home a young man by the name of Michael called me before I entered the house. He said Winnie wanted to see me outside and I went outside with him. The kombi was parked in my street, not very far from my house. When I got into the kombi there was Mrs. Mandela, Winnie, with her driver, Michael and other few young men which I did not recognize. My son Lolo was in the kombi. He appeared badly ...moreFull Transcript and References
03:30Lolo’s friend and neighbour, Sibuniso Tshabalala was abducted only hours later. // I asked Sibuniso myself, ‘what do you know about Winnie?’ But Sibuniso was one boy who was quiet and he said to me, ‘mom, I don’t know that much.’ And l asked him, ‘when they come here, what are you going to do?’ He said to me, ‘I have to go where they’ve taken Lolo because if I don’t go there, all of you you’ll die here.’ It means that Sibuniso disappeared on the 14th. After two days, on the 16th, six o’clock, we received a telephone. The kids said to me, ‘it’s Sibuniso over the phone,’ and when I went there, he said, ‘mom I’m here with Lolo’ and the telephone cut.Full Transcript and References
04:28In 1989 I went to Mrs. Mandela with my husband. We went there to go and plead with her that she must please tell us what happened with Lolo or tell us where he is. Mrs. Mandela refused to speak to me, only spoke to my husband. Again, in the beginning of 1990 we went to Mrs. Mandela to go and plead with her again, but to no avail. The next thing, there were bodyguards, harassing us, telling us not to come near the premises anymore. Full Transcript
05:09I know Winnie. She wasn’t as bad as she is at the moment. She used to be a mother; she used to be a loving person. You’d go to Winnie with your grievances; she would help you if she can. But what has turned now lately, I don’t know what happened to her. Nobody is above the law. If the law must be executed, let it be. And let there be no favours because it’s somebody else, some people are untouchable.Full Transcript
05:44We are still not at ease. I’m having nightmares, dreams. Sometimes I hear knocks on the door thinking that it is Lolo. When I am sleeping I can see him flying from the sky, coming home, saying that ‘mom, I’m back home.’ Then I’ll open my arms and take to hug him, and say, ‘welcome home.’ I’m pleading with Mrs. Mandela today in front of the world that please, Mrs. Mandela, please give us our son back. Even if he is dead. Let Mrs. Mandela give us the remains of our son. So, we must bury him decently. Then after, maybe we can rest assured knowing that Lolo is buried here. Full Transcript
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