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Special Report Transcript Episode 12, Section 5, Time 20:26

Queenstown in the Eastern Cape is more or less the same size as Kroonstad, but the stories the Truth Commission heard there were very different. This is Mlungisi cemetery where 11 victims of the 1985 Queenstown massacre lie at rest. The trouble began with a consumer boycott against white businesses in August. On the 17th of November, in the run-up to Christmas, the people of Mlungisi gathered at this church for a report back on a possible decision to relax the boycott. Daniel Lolwane was chairperson of the Mlungisi Residence ad hoc committee, and one of the few leaders who had not been detained in the previous weeks. He addressed the people that day.

Notes: Queenstown; Mlungisi cemetary; Mlungisi Church; Daniel Lolwane inside Mlungisi Church

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TRC Final Report TRC Victims Glossary
Aliwal North shootings: August 1985 193 The Commission’s public hearings in Aliwal North focused on human rights violations in Aliwal North and in surrounding districts such as Barkly East, Lady Grey, Sterkspruit, Jamestown and Burgersdorp. 194 The mid-1980s was the most violent period for ...
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