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Special Report Transcript Episode 12, Section 5, Time 21:06

When I was giving the report I saw a police caspir, a yellow police caspir, with a Captain Venter in it. They had a camera … see that window there; it was open because it was hot inside. I saw him taking photographs. It was Captain Venter in that one. And then suddenly somebody told me that, as I was reporting, somebody tried to indicate to me that there was talking outside. So, as a chairperson I had to investigate what was happening. Then, I handed over to Mister Denis Echuba who was the secretary at that time. As I walked towards that door there, as I opened the door a teargas canister hit that door and so I had to push back. It was that time that I noticed that on this side there was also two caspirs. Those that belonged to the South African National Defence Force. And there were caspirs now surrounding the church building. But the teargas canister was coming from a caspir between Baptist Church and the Moravian Church. It was facing this church. So, suddenly there was pandemonium, because there was teargas being shot inside. So, people were … the youth was running through the windows, old people were ducking underneath the chairs, but there were some people running out. What I noticed, because I was standing right here, I noticed an old man Lizo Ngcana being dragged inside, bleeding. And then he fell just where we were standing, it was right in front of the pulpit. Then, as I said there was pandemonium, the hall was filled with teargas and there was shooting all over. You could hear the shots. Now, because I worried about this man, when this caspirs from this side shifted over to the side of the Moravian Church I ran quickly to the second house there to utilize a telephone. So, I phoned Dr [inaudible] and then he said I must take the old man down to him, because I wanted him to come to the township because I could see that a lot of people are being shot. By the time I came back, I found the old man dead.

Notes: Daniel Lolwane (Community Leader) interviewed

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