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Special Report Transcript Episode 12, Section 5, Time 23:39

Outside the hall police were driving through the township streets, wildly shooting. People were frantically scattering across the dusty old township, trying to escape the bullets of the sharpshooters. // Every person was feeling deaf. Because people running into their houses they could not … although the police were also shooting into the houses as well. Hence Mrs. Thobeka is still having a bullet in her stomach now. So the people … there was tension you see … people running into houses. But the youth, realizing that by staying at home it’s going to be difficult, because the police had now a chance of victimizing them by taking them from their parents. Now, what happened was that, that shooting lasted the whole night. The morning of the 18th shooting started again, because the police were now terrorizing people in this caspirs. They were shooting every young man that they could see and every young girl that they could see on the street.

Notes: Mlungisi township; Daniel Lolwane (Community Leader) interviewed

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