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Special Report Transcript Episode 12, Section 5, Time 25:30

Her only other child, Siphiwo who was 16 at the time was also shot. He and his cousin managed to survive a torture ordeal here at the Queenstown show grounds. // The police came to me and beat me and kicked me. He was taken inside … and inside there that’s where they beat him very hard. They beat him, they tried to wear him a plastic, that plastic where he is going to be suffocated and die. I was taken from here to Tilden I was blind sighted, I was tied up, my hands were tied up at the back and then I was beaten there in Tilden I was lying down, they left me there. Knowing that, thinking that later they would find me there, and they would kill me there.

Notes: Siphiwo Kamati interviewed at show grounds

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TRC Victims
Was shot and tortured by members of the SAP in Queenstown, Cape, in 1985, for attending a mass meeting.
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