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Special Report Transcript Episode 12, Section 5, Time 27:52

We sat at this table over here, and later on there was, when we actually arrived here there were three black people sitting at the table. And they sat here for quite a while; the one chap actually was staring at my sister. I had my back at them unfortunately. He was staring so hard at my sister that she actually asked you know, why is that chap staring at me the whole time? He sat there with a smile on his face, staring. And it wasn’t long after that, two other gentlemen came and sat, took their place. And a few seconds after that we just heard this terrible explosion.

Notes: Michelle Brody interviewed, Queenstown Spur

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TRC Victims
Was injured in a limpet mine attack by APLA members at the Buffalo Springs Spur restaurant in Queenstown, Cape, on 3 December 1992. See APLA attacks.
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