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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 12

30:33June 16 1976. A nasty tragic day for hundreds of young people. But also a day that became a turning point in the struggle for freedom and democracy in South Africa. From Soweto, resistance spread like wild fire through the Witwatersrand and then the rest of the country. It led to harsh repression, but eventually the sacrifice of the young people was rewarded. Let’s look at some visuals to remind us of that period and some statements of the erstwhile rulers that make one’s blood curdle.Full Transcript and References
31:03Film footage and photographs of the June 16uprising. ; Student marchers told to disperse,the ensuing violence, drive by shootingFull Transcript
32:32It is not about the so-called liberation of the black man. It is in fact about taking possession of our country. There are powers with eyes full of desire looking at the natural riches and strategic position or our country. To be able to own that, it is their aim to destroy us as a ‘volk.’Full Transcript
33:05Film footage, June 16; Soundtrack ‘No easy walk to freedom’ Soweto burning, barricades put up and set alightFull Transcript
33:36The police however are actively engaged in restoring order. And there is definitely no reason for any panic.Full Transcript
34:31This government will not be intimidated. And instructions have been given to maintain law and order at all costs. Those educational institutions at which blacks are destroying their own amenities will be closed for an indefinite period. Full Transcript
37:13This is why our young men are on our borders today and why your loved ones had to die. That is, for the preservation of our country so that we can live. // What started as a peaceful protest degenerated into a rampage in which [inaudible]elements are suspected to have become involved. The police refuse to comment to SA [Mirror] saying the matter was being investigated at higher level. // ‘Daar is beslis geen rede tot enige paniek nie’ [There is no reason to panic].Full Transcript
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