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Special Report Transcript Episode 14, Section 2, Time 00:56

This is the Vaal Triangle, home of Eskom, Sasol and many other big industries. Also home to millions of people who work at these industries and their families. They live in grim townships such as Sebokeng, Sharpeville, Bophelong and Boipatong. For some, mostly men from KwaZulu-Natal, this is only a temporary home. They live in hostels and their families remain on the land. Back in 1961 the world took notice of this area when the police killed a large number of peaceful demonstrators in Sharpeville; other names, written in blood, have since been added to that of Sharpeville like the Sebokeng night vigil massacre of ’91 and the Boipatong slaughter of ’92.

Notes: Slovo Park; Sebokeng townships; ‘Kwamadala’; Hostel

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Forty-five people died and 27 others were seriously injured on 17 June 1992 when several hundred IFP-supporting residents of the KwaMadala hostel launched attacks on the Boipatong community, near Vanderbijlpark, Tvl, during a period of escalating violence between the ANC and IFP in the area. ...
On 12 January 1991, 45 people were killed by members of the Khetisi Kheswa gang at a night vigil for ANCYL member Christopher Nangalembe. Gang members had been responsible for killing Mr Nangalembe on 5 January in political conflict that stemmed from the appearance of gang leader Khetisi Kheswa ...
On 21 March 1960, 69 people died when police opened fire on unarmed marchers protesting against the Pass laws at Sharpeville, Tvl. The march formed part of an anti-Pass campaign organised by the PAC. That same day, a similar march took place in Langa, Cape Town, resulting in three deaths from ...
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