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Special Report Transcript Episode 15, Section 5, Time 32:27

As the TRC left Port Shepstone this week the question of a third force remained. Selvan Chetty of the Network of Independent Monitors has spent years investigating claims that a hidden hand has intervened to pit one side against the other. // I think if you really want to look at the hidden hand you must ask yourself the question. How is it possible that in an area that is policed so well, you’ll have deaths every day? And it was so systematic that whenever there was press attention or extra pressure being put by the communities you’d find for two or three days it would stop. But when they strike again you have a situation where five six people are killed to cover up for those days. These statistics we pulled out of our computer, you’d be able to see on every day for the month of November ’93. For the first ten days, every day there were killings and this is in a three square kilometre radius. And since April ’93 to November ’93 every month you were looking at 20, 30 people being killed. And the statistics are there to show. And also when you’re looking at the statistics you must also look at the record of the police in terms of investigating it. Ten years ago, when somebody is seen in a remote part of the country with an AK47 and an ANC flag we had very efficient detectives to go and track them down. They would even track them to the next country.

Notes: Selvan Chetty interviewed

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