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Special Report Transcript Episode 16, Section 2, Time 13:55

White South Africa went into deep shock when apartheid’s greatest philosopher Hendrik Verwoerd was stabbed to death in Parliament in 1966. // His successor, John Vorster successfully kept the lid on resistance with bannings, detentions, and imprisonment. // ‘As far as the government of South Africa is concerned, as far as my colleague the minister of police is concerned, as far as the commissioner of police in the South African Police force is concerned, the breakdown of law and order in South Africa will not be tolerated under any circumstances whatsoever.’ // But a new generation of leaders and activists began to emerge in the early seventies. They were also inspired by the success of Marxist FRELIMO in Mozambique and the MPLA in Angola. The giant of this period was Steven Bantu Biko, leader of the Black Consciousness Movement. // ‘Any changes which are to come can only come as a result of a programme worked out by black people. And for black people to be able to work out a programme they need to defeat the one main element in politics, which was working against them. And this was a psychological feeling of inferiority.’ // His murder in 1977 caused another international outcry and further isolated South Africa from the international community. // [Tape damaged] // ‘The time will arrive when South Africa will have …” // Simmering black resentment exploded on June 16, 1976 when police opened fire on protesting school children in Soweto. The protest spread country wide and lasted several months. Hundreds of young township men and women left the country to join the ANC in the neighbouring states. It was a massive injection to the ANC.

Notes: NP headlines: Verwoerd’s assassination; Footage: BJ Vorster (Former Prime Minister); Footage: FRELIMO, MPLA; Steve Biko; Steve Biko, 1977; Photos: Biko’s funeral; Vorster; Soweto uprising; Police open fire on children.

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TRC Final Report Glossary
The Namibian question 53 One of these factors related to the position of Namibia which, because of its contested status in international law, had become the Achilles heel of the South African government. Eventually, South Africa would have to surrender its control over the protectorate. Its ...
The San and Battalion 31 95 The information below is drawn from a submission to the Commission by the !Xu & Khwe Vereeniging vir Gemeenskaplike Eiendom (the !Xu and Khwe Union for Common Property/Ownership). The submission suggests that the bulk of the approximately 350 !Xu and Khwe were ...
■ 1976–1982 Overview 107 In 1976, the Johannesburg area was the centre of the most sustained and violent protests the country had ever seen. 1976 has frequently been described as a turning point in South Africa’s political history. The conflict sparked by the former state’s attempt to ...
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