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Special Report Transcript Episode 16, Section 3, Time 26:16

This was not entirely the truth. For example, De Klerk’s Minister of Law and Order Adriaan Vlok, knew of the Vlakplaas assassination unit and was a regular visitor at Vlakplaas parties. His Minister of Defence, Magnus Malan knew of the Civil Cooperation Bureau right from the start. Again, during the press conference after his submission De Klerk was not entirely truthful when asked why his government did not close down the Vlakplaas death squad when its former commander Dirk Coetzee spilled the beans in November ’89. Coetzee was backed up by two Vlakplaas colleagues Almond Nofemela and David Tshikalanga. But De Klerk’s government allowed Vlakplaas to continue their dirty business for three years between its exposure and it’s closing down in 1993 after evidence to the Goldstone Commission. In this time Vlakplaas supplied large quantities of arms to Inkatha warlords and assassinated several more anti-apartheid activists.

Notes: Adriaan Vlok

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