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Special Report Transcript Episode 17, Section 4, Time 21:40

Victor Ntuli, a young UDF activist in KwaMakhutha was not home on the 21st of January, but Ernest Thusini was there with his family in an outbuilding of the Ntuli home. // We were sleeping at night. We were awoken by gunfire, just people shooting. One just went and hid on the other side of the bed. That’s how we survived. It was a tragic thing really, because if you just get awoken by gunfire like that, without prior notice. It was a real shock and how one survived it, I don’t know. I can’t tell you. I think only God knows. I think God is great for that. I lost five of my children, five of them, the same night. // Thusini did not go to the Truth Commission this week. He believed the hearings were premature. // There is a court case that is on right now in the Supreme Court in Durban which is going on, in connection with the same incident. So, one is just sitting and waiting and to see that justice prevail. I was waiting for the state to call me to come and put my side of the story, which unfortunately never happened. Up to now I’ve never been called in. So therefore maybe the Truth Commission is the other alternative for me when the case is finished, where I can go and cough out whatever that is within me in terms of the events of that night. I think it is important for that Truth Commission to be there so that truth can then be established.

Notes: Ernest Thusini interviewed

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