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Special Report Transcript Episode 17, Section 4, Time 26:12

We are waiting as are many other people to see what the outcome of that case will be and judgement is expected fairly soon, later in September. And we will decide after judgement has been handed down as to whether we will subpoena those people. They may well apply for amnesty; one would expect them to apply for amnesty if they are convicted. In fact, even if they are not convicted we feel that we may have a lot to learn from some of the people who are facing charges now in the Supreme Court. We may well subpoena some of those people. It would have been nice if they had come to this forum first and told us about their role but as I’ve said they’ve taken the view that they’re innocent and it’s their right to do so and they may or they may not be proven guilty.

Notes: Richard Lyster (Commissioner)

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