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Special Report Transcript Episode 17, Section 5, Time 30:32

They then went back to the police station. His commander, Col Nel, was also on his way there. // Upon his arrival at the police station I took him to one side and told him that I had shot the injured, I shot them dead. He then congratulated me personally and thereafter wanted to know whether I had shot through the blanket and whether the bakkie and or blanket would have had any holes in them. I would like to say that I am very sorry about the incident. It was most unfortunate. If I think back to it I realise that it wasn’t right for me to commit the act and that it was actually a disgrace. I don’t want to condone what I’ve done. I just want to say that as a result of both the deceased’s actions and my actions there are many families who today are still suffering. I have remorse about the fact that I ever chose the police as a career, and that I became so involved in the political struggle because at the end of the day it wasn’t worth it.

Notes: Steyn

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