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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 17

32:26The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has 17 members and is divided into three committees: the Committee on Human Rights Violations, the Committee on Amnesty and the Committee on Rehabilitation and Reparation. The Committee on Human Rights Violations investigates gross human rights violations, such as torture, murder, kidnapping and assault committed between the dates of the 1st of March 1960 to the 5th of December 1993. It may gather information and hear evidence from victims and witnesses in an attempt to find out who committed human rights violations and why. It can subpoena witnesses. Allied to this is an investigative unit. The Committee on Amnesty considers amnesty applications from perpetrators. To qualify for amnesty they must have committed these acts with a political objective. The applicants may get amnesty if certain criteria are met. They must make a full confession, and show that they received orders from a political party or the state. The Committee will also take ...moreFull Transcript
34:07Boy Diale and Christopher Makgale are from the Bafokeng tribe. In 1990 they kidnapped Glad Mokgatle, a man they saw as a puppet of Lucas Mangope’s Bophuthatswana government. They demanded the keys to the Bafokeng civic centre and when he refused they killed him.Full Transcript and References
34:24I hit him with my fists and I strangled his neck. That’s the part I took in the killing. // I chopped him because I realised that we were heading for the prison. // The two men were sentenced to 12 and 15 year jail sentences. In May this year they applied for amnesty and this week the Truth Commission ruled that their crime had a political motive. Yesterday, after five years behind bars they returned home as free men.Full Transcript
34:05I’m over the moon to be released today.Full Transcript
35:08We asked the lawyers of the Bafokeng tribe and the two applicants Greg Nott and Brian Currin what the verdict means. // It was great news for the two applicants. I believe they were released today at ten o’clock. And I think for the whole community itself, if one was there to actually hear the application and to see and feel the effect on the community, it means a reconciliation within the Bafokeng nation itself, the community. It was almost tangible when looking and hearing the application. And so, for the community, it’s going to be a healing, a rift that was there is now going to be healed and we’ll move on. In fact it’s a sort of microcosm for the greater good of South Africa. // The importance of the Amnesty Committee’s process as opposed to the Human Rights Violations Committee is that that is the forum where the perpetrator meets the victim and the family members of the victim and that’s what we witnessed during that particular application, where the applicants ...moreFull Transcript
36:58And then yesterday afternoon a long awaited break through for the Truth Commission. The Commission threatened to subpoena several former police generals tomorrow. But yesterday three former police commissioners had a voluntary meeting with the Truth Commission. Generals Mike Geldenhuys, Johan Coetzee, and Johan van der Merwe said they represented a large group of former generals.Full Transcript
37:21We have agreed that they would want to make a voluntarily, make a what they call an omnibus submission, which they would let the Commission have ahead of a public hearing so that we were able to acquaint ourselves with its contents. And then that there would be a supplementary list, you could say, in which they would list certain incidents they spoke about – at this stage 50 or so incidents – where they would be able to speak in general terms initially. And on the basis really of the reception by the Commission, the nature of the reception by the Commission of that submission they would make a strong plea as to, a strong call on all their former colleagues, especially their subordinates to come forward to the Commission, to give as much information as possible relating to various incidents. Full Transcript
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