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Special Report Transcript Episode 18, Section 2, Time 01:58

On the night of June 8, 1988 five ANC members travelling in a minibus were shot dead by a special team of security policemen. Four days later another four activists died in similar circumstances. This is how the SABC reported the incident. // Acting on information received, police set up a roadblock approximately seven kilometres outside Piet Retief on the road to Swaziland. At approximately nine o’clock that evening this vehicle was stopped at the road block. A black man jumped out and opened fire with an AK47 rifle, the police immediately retaliated. // The policemen who had been waiting for the group were well prepared and within seconds it was all over. The minibus which had been disguised as a taxi was riddled with bullets and police discovered several documents inside.

Notes: Photos: Minibus after incident; Network report, Chris Olckers in Piet Retief

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