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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 18

08:59During the mid 1980s the farm roads of the northern Transvaal became South Africa’s new killing fields. The killer had no face and chose its victims at random. // ‘Ses mense is dood en vyf ernstig beseer in nog ‘n landmyn ontploffing in Noord Transvaal. Die minister van verdediging general Magnus Malan het die gebied vandag besoek. [Six people died and five were injured in another landmine explosion in the northern Transvaal. Minister of Defence, General Magnus Malan visited the area today]. // [A landmine was detonated late yesterday afternoon on the game farm, Amersham, when Mr. Koos Deneyschen and the Van Eck family from Tzaneen drove around the farm searching for game].Full Transcript and References
09:34We detonated the landmine with a bakkie. Its right rear wheel hit the mine. The vehicle was thrown up in the air and landed some distance away after which we were engulfed in flames. When I came to, I noticed that my boy of 18 months who sat on my lap was alive and he looked at me. It appeared as if he was uninjured. The vehicle was in flames. I saw Mr. Deneyschen, the driver, was lying on the steering wheel, his hair was on fire. Blood spurted from his forehead. I tried to get out but because of the impact I was not able to. I tried to kick the door open but I couldn’t. I realised we were going to burn to death because we refueled shortly before that. I got out of the window and put my boy down in the road. Five meters away I found my wife and Marie Deneyschen badly maimed and killed instantly. I then started looking around and then found my daughter and her friend. They were dead. I then found Kobus Deneyschen who was still alive. I went back to his father and told him the child ...moreFull Transcript
13:26Good evening. Two of the four people injured in two separate landmine blasts in the Eastern Transvaal yesterday are in a critical condition in the Rob Ferreira Hospital in Nelspruit. The latest blast near Nelspruit came just hours after terrorists launched an attack on a sewerage works near the town. Cameron Rob Minnaar and Chris Olckers visited the scene of the blast today. // The first landmine was detonated on a farm road approximately nine kilometres from Nelspruit. A vehicle with seven occupants detonated a landmine at approximately 5:20 yesterday afternoon. Five people died here, including two babies, only nine and ten months old. The powerful blast of the Russian made landmine ripped the vehicle apart. The owner of the farm Mr. Philip Raad and several other neighbours who heard the explosion rushed to the scene. They found two seriously injured men in the front seats. One woman was flung 16 meters through the air and part of her clothing could still be seen today hanging in ...moreFull Transcript and References
15:16I was driving 20 meters behind them. I saw everything happen. I saw flames under the car. I saw the car being flung in the air from the road into the bush. Pieces of metal, dirt and dust were flung into the air. I went closer and got out. I said: God, why? I looked at my wife, she was crushed, parts of her feet were gone, her body was full of blood, full of cuts. She moaned and asked where are my legs? Why do I hurt? My son sat behind her. His head was crooked, he was unconscious. What we did find was a part of my son’s forehead. He had a hole on the left side. A part of his brain was on the seat. I picked it up, put it in a tissue and buried it in my house. Do you know how it feels? Can you imagine how it feels to bury the brain tissue of your own son of eight years old? Can you imagine what it does to a human being? How does one become human again after such an experience? Three days after the explosion my wife died. Jaco did not get better. He died on March 5, 1987. That child ...moreFull Transcript
17:42She was actually coming home as usual on Sundays. On that day she met the accident between Karino and Nelspruit. There the bomb blasted. Lindiwe had a small child with her. The baby was eight months old during that bomb blast. What happened, the message was only received on Monday in the afternoon at about three o’clock that something happened. Thereafter, in that incident my child was also involved. And those people who were actually watching TV news they saw her and they recognized her. Now I feel very much hurt. I’m asking the Commission to investigate what should be done because I was very worried about the death of my child. My child died in a very … her hair was burnt, there was nothing, both legs were damaged and the legs were just collected. It was just flesh and pieces. That thing does not go away. I still remember, still relive the incident. That’s why I’m here today to say this in front of you. Full Transcript and References
19:35Cadres were under strict instruction to carry out reconnaissance properly so that military patrols were the primary target of the landmine operations. This arose, Chairperson, out of what the regime was doing at the time when it incorporated areas: white farms and white farmers in the border areas into its defensive network. You will remember that there were even moneys granted to farmers to encourage them to stay on their farms. They became part of the military structure. And it was in that context that landmines were used, because they would carry out patrols and this kind of thing. As a response therefore to what the regime itself was doing I’m saying that we took that particular step and again would want to say Chairperson, the use of those landmines would in that context in our view be a legitimate form of operation in the context of the conduct of a just war.Full Transcript and References
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