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Special Report Transcript Episode 18, Section 3, Time 09:34

We detonated the landmine with a bakkie. Its right rear wheel hit the mine. The vehicle was thrown up in the air and landed some distance away after which we were engulfed in flames. When I came to, I noticed that my boy of 18 months who sat on my lap was alive and he looked at me. It appeared as if he was uninjured. The vehicle was in flames. I saw Mr. Deneyschen, the driver, was lying on the steering wheel, his hair was on fire. Blood spurted from his forehead. I tried to get out but because of the impact I was not able to. I tried to kick the door open but I couldn’t. I realised we were going to burn to death because we refueled shortly before that. I got out of the window and put my boy down in the road. Five meters away I found my wife and Marie Deneyschen badly maimed and killed instantly. I then started looking around and then found my daughter and her friend. They were dead. I then found Kobus Deneyschen who was still alive. I went back to his father and told him the child was alive but maimed and burned. He asked that the child should die. The child then died. I started looking for my three year old child, but could not find him. To this day I have not found him. It is ten years later. My question is: what will you do? What will the ANC do? Are we going to ignore this atrocity?

Notes: TRC testimony: Johannes van Eck (husband and father); Magnus Malan, SADF members inspects scene of blast.

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